Why Have We Been Quiet?

What is the Secret Horror Project?
What is the Secret Horror Project?
It was a perfectly normal murder.

There were Egyptian artifacts on display at the dinner party. I was the
 center of attention that evening, of course. As an American visiting
 London, I mean. Robbery broke out and I was murdered. And then I
 was fine.

Until I woke up in the future!

In an America I do not recognize, a future Jules Verne might dream of. My
 soul has ressurected somehow, but only partly. I am hollow, angry, driven
 to find vengance.

Where I am trapped, my twig of existance is carried by a torrent of
dangerous whitewater--locked away in this NIGHTMARE.

                          THE MONSTER

Preorders of Mister Tatters are open!

The horror graphic novel for mature readers, Mister Tatters is about to ship to our donors. (you still have time to hit DONATE and send 20.00 or more for some free issues)

Derived from a series of real life reports, Mister Tatters is a disturbing thriller.

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ThruComic.com is at Waxacon Nov 18-19! Bonus awaits!


Hey, True Believers! Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19 2017, swing by the comic convention in Waxahachie, TX! Pick up Thru at a discount and get a bonus!

Look for the Gangsta Comics booth. They will have a stack of Thru issues, get them while you can!

Gangsta Comics
Gangsta Comics

If you go, send me action photos with the comics!

While you’re there, leave your deets with the Gangsta crew and if you buy an issue of Thru, I’ll send you the upcoming graphic novel DL! That’s a real, for-pay graphic novel. FREE.

Find out more about the convention here.

Find out about the rest of our friends at Gangsta Comics here.

Thru Issue #4 Public Release!

Thru Issue #4 Cover
Thru Issue #4 Cover

Happy Friday, True Believers! Every donor by now has the URL to download and the print copy is already in the hands of every single donor. How can we possibly improve on that? Well, let’s just start with a free to everyone download!
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