[UPDATE]Killing Wirth is available on Kickstarter NOW!

Discover what makes a frozen man’s character. His goodness or his flaws! Will the monsters get him first? Or the people the monsters are pursuing?

In the midst of the battery acid rain, let’s not forget the twist…

Brian K Morris Reviews Killing Wirth

A Review of Killing Wirth from Brian K Morris of Rising Tide Publications:

“Killing Wirth has the scope of a major SF film on its printed pages. The storytelling is solid and the story moves so swiftly, it should have seatbelts installed.

I also appreciate that the gore factor, which I didn’t find to be too awful, gets a parental warning in the introduction. That’s some responsible representation there.

If you like hardcore science fiction like ALIEN, you’ll love Killing Wirth. I look forward to future installments.”

Brian K. Morris
The Ghostly Tales of Spencer Spook, The Purple Claw, Nature Boy, The Advocator, etc.

https://bit.ly/2uKoP93 [ Kickstarter ]

Indy Comic Suggestion: Dark Daylight Day #1

Dark Daylight Day CoverSpiritual horror Dark Daylight Day landed in a swirl of unrelated controversy and I honestly forgot I had it. I opened it and devoured the tale of the arrival of the Darkspear of the Nothing! Are you up for a trip into the Dark Daylight.
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Indy Comic Suggestion: No One Left To Save

No One Left To Save #1 Cover
No One Left To Save #1 Cover

Alan Cole’s advance copy of No One Left To Save arrived in our hands and presents the unusual story line of a superhero like Superman in a world over come by zombies. Does he go mad or just leave for another planet?

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