Politically Incorrectly, For The Love of Spock

NetflixDuring a break working, we decided to watch For the Love of Spock on Netflix. And I made a discovery.

First, you have to understand that’s the work pace. Everything must be dropped for all things geek. Opinions are valuable. We try things, play games, and even work. Okay, we work hard.

The boss clicked on the TV and said what do you think? Tell me the one thing that surprises you.

Oddly enough, for all it’s diversity, for all it’s inclusiveness–it is the political incorrectness of the Triumvirate (Kirk, Spock, and McCoy) that made Star Trek natural and amazing.

Not a cliche answer? He said tell you fellow geeks to watch and tell me what they think. It seems we despise cliches even as we do an eighties-style comic in an unconventional way. SO, geek friends, please send me a note here or at thru@thrucomic.com.

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