Leaving space for color to create tension

Issue 3 Page 5 pencil
Issue 3 Page 5 pencil

When I was drawing this page I originally found it to be magnetic and completely… boring.

After a little reflection, I saw that there was no sense of anxiety and that required a deviation from my preferred sense of realism.

I don’t like to draw bullets or lines that they travel. It’s completely unlike real life and lends to silly caped characters inanely dodging bullets.

So I compromised with the pencils. It’s more exciting now that it has bullets in half the panels.

Issue 3 Page 5 ink
Issue 3 Page 5 ink

To pull in a little reality, when I inked I removed as much ink as I added. Look closely at the lines and you can see where I left room for color to be painted in to make a more exciting line.

Tension is increased!

Read the free back issues in the download section to see why this is happening. I would really dig your feedback for the letters page!

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