It’s New Art Day on Hump Day!

Issue 3 page 8 pencil
Issue 3 page 8 pencil

Today we are again graced by the gods of pencils and inks at the same time. Better than that we get a look at the artist notes!

Following up on the popular series of page art, catch up with Pencils and Ink and Leaving space. Read past the jump to get his thoughts on how the page transforms between steps.

To start with, even in the pencils, the art from Lonnie Webb has some influences from decades past.

Up front, the very first panel of the page is reminiscent of the work of Sal Buscema. Completely unintentional. I didn’t even notice it until after the inks were done. When I was drawing it I just wanted the first panel to reek with testosterone because by the conclusion of the page our hero is certainly at the mercy of the people who come along.

Another decades old influence turns up in the page layout.

Take a look at the way the middle of the page is laid out. I like the non-conventional things Al Williamson did in the eighties that were in themselves polished up techniques from the fifties.

Issue 3 page 8 ink
Issue 3 page 8 ink

The weight of the page is also different. Check out the shadows.

The black work takes it’s cues from art pioneered by Alex Ross, Toth, and others. You see it in the first run of Jonny Quest. The panel which our hero has hit the water, that style is almost as old as comics. Look at how internal angst changes when you look at that pool of darkness!

Our hero’s pilot has also gone limp. Has she survived or perished?

That’s it for today. Catch up on the past issues by downloading the DRM-free PDFs from our Downloads page. You can also sign up on our Contact Us page for the free download of Issue #3 notification while you are hanging around looking at the lovely page art!

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