Beginning Life As A Word On A Napkin

Warfare - word on a napkin
Warfare – word on a napkin

Sometimes a page for a comic is a careful balancing act between design and story telling with limitations set forward by page design, character designs and a story bible. This is not one of those times.


True believers, this page began with a word. Warfare. What does that look like in Thru? What does that look like in the parallel world? If you have been reading along in the previous issue of Thru, you know there are Mountain Men. They are savage, where the Fire Masters have solved flight. They are hunters where the men of the lowlands are fishers and farmers.

Naturally, the Mountain Men need to be front and center in the battle pages, heavily steeped in testosterone and brutality.

Thru Page 14 pencil
Thru Page 14 pencil

Some of the sketched ideas stick. Some don’t.

You probably remember the Mountain Men are a mix of loners who just don’t fit in civilized villages and towns. Others are hunters that want nothing to do with anyone.

A large portion are from this world’s Apache, Crow, and Iroquois populations that have chosen to tame the untameable West in their own unique ways.

Thru Issue 3 Page 14 inks
Thru Issue 3 Page 14 inks

Add to that a seemingly rabid invader. The perfect conflict for story-telling seems to be the inevitable conflict with the Mountain Men, who in the second panel are just as pleased falling to their doom in the death embrace of an enemy as they would be spending a day quietly fishing!

The savagery continues through the page and another unknown is introduced.

Please tell me this gets your blood pumping!

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