New Page Art Monday! And a Look at the Stipple Effect

Issue 3 Page 12 pencil
Issue 3 Page 12 pencil

Happy Monday, True Believers! Today we explore some ink techniques used on pages of Thru. If you are caught up on issues #1 and #2 of Thru, you know the style is from the heyday of the eighties.

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This go round let’s get the word from the horse’s mouth:

I went back to some Walt Simonson art and I think the inker was Palmer. It was exciting to look at the page. But there was no way that the page layout was exciting. I mean-it wasn’t. Under closer inspection, the inks had zipatone and stippled sheets worked into the inks. About every other page and subtle. It usually didn’t dominate the pencil art.

So, since I’m intentionally working in an eighties style for Thru, there is a little stipple work here. Can’t wait to see how it works with the color brush work.

Issue 3 Page 12 ink
Issue 3 Page 12 ink

In a previous century, comics were printed in four colors. At one time the color plates were made by cutting sheets of color film. Inkers, as well as every graphic artist, occasionally used pre-fab sheets of rub-on shapes, halftone(zipatone), and patterns.

John Byrne also famously used the technique in his run in Fantastic Four combining ink and tones.

Which other artists used these techniques subtlety that you only find when you search it out?

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