Happy Thursday! Is Whitewashing a Problem In Thru?

Thru Issue 3 page 16 pencil
Thru Issue 3 page 16 pencil

In today’s installment of page art for Thru’s loyal followers and incredible reddit community, we have a new page that will be hitting Thru issue #3 soon. We get to return to the alternate Earth’s element of coldfire, fan favorites mountain men, and the most obvious question in Thru #2 is answered. Go read the free (and DRM-free) past issues before clicking through the jump.

An interesting development occurs on this page as a result of visualizing the ¬†scripted page. Sometimes a page doesn’t “pop”. Most obviously, the hillside behind the flying coldfire cart was flat. Some minor reimagining with the gliders turned the page into something more exciting.

Again, half tones are used to make some panels grow in depth. The best use is with the reaction of the mountain men. They see the flying cart and must be concerned whose side the flyers belong to.

Thru Issue 3 page 16 ink
Thru Issue 3 page 16 ink

So, on the topic of whitewashing. In Thru, to be fair to the time period there are going to be a lot of white men in professional jobs. But, also being fair to the time, there are many people in many professions, on the streets, etc. that are diverse. It isn’t a complicated west coast demographic. On the alternate Earth our hero is visiting in issue 2 and 3, everything is warped by a very few differences in this version of the USA.

Hopefully, we will have more stories here as it is a fun place to visit.

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