Monday Pencils and Inks That Focus on Emotion

Thru issue 3 Page 25 pencil
Thru issue 3 Page 25 pencil

Today we share a page with a tight focus on emotion as tension overcomes our hero. Issue #3 of Thru is about to go to post production. Register now so we can inform you. Then come back and read about how the page is composed.

The gist of this page is man against machine. With more machine than men in panels, the feeling is intended to be more overbearingly against our hero.

Automation has replaced the need for men and other operators in the death machine.

Massive guns point at the possibly helpless savages.

Thru issue 3 Page 25 ink
Thru issue 3 Page 25 ink

Robots hover around the page just over the hero’s shoulder. Do they kill?

This page is part of a two-page spread so the art draws the eye left-to-right and down the page but also from the last panel to the next page.

This week we color and letter Issue 3. Are you ready for it? Register for notifications right now!

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