Thru Issue #3 is Ready for Download

Thru Issue 3 cover
Thru Issue 3 cover

Greetings, True Believers! Thru issue #3 is ready for download.

In this issue, get to see the pages we have kept under wraps as well as some of your emails and comments on the letters page (excluding private communication). As usual, things don’t go as expected. In fact, that is the one thing you are promised. You will see things in this conclusion to the two-part story from issue #2 that you do not expect!

Thomas is about to be shot while crashing to the ground. He and his pilot have already set the death machine on fire but snipers have turned up. Gwen stands up for herself. Other things get set in motion. Will Thomas survive and face up to his life on Earth?

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Next issue Gwen gets the solo adventure you wanted to see!

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Thanks to all you true believers!

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