It’s Free Comic Book Day at, too!

Thru Issue 3 cover
Thru Issue 3 cover

It has been a swell day for Free Comic Book Day, here in Phoenix! We visited Jesse James and Drawn to Comics this week. Following that we are traveling to Dallas now to hang with the dudes and dudettes at Madness Comics! (I did promise them eggrolls if they stayed open for me to get there!)

Regular Thru readers already grabbed Issue #3 which is, of course, FREE! It’s always Free Comic Book Day here! But please run over to the downloads page and get them all.

Even better, the file is re-compressed. So this issue is very tight and small in terms of size but also the margins are brought out to the print file size. If you download again please stop off at the contact page and tell us!

Lastly, if you still haven’t also go register so we can send you no-spam updates related to

That’s all for today, True Believers!

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