Turning A Boring Exposition Page Into Something Exciting

Thru Issue 4 Page 8
Thru Issue 4 Page 8

When OdaClaudio over in the comic_crits subreddit called out a conversation page as being boring, I had to agree. And worse, I have another one right after it in the script!

This is a conversation that has been brewing since Issue #1, so it has to happen. On one extreme I could use a full page with twisty word balloons every which way. Man, that makes me want to puke. The opposite is a bunch of he-said, she-said face panels. While puking less, I don’t even want to read that. Somewhere in the middle there is a way to do this with page layout.

I really don’t want a page that looks like a checkerboard. Dave Gibbons can get away with a comic that does that but not me. Researching for a while, I saw something Walt Simonson did in his run on Batman and Star Wars: balance boring against angst inducing busy-ness with his page layout.

In this example, my page surrounds the elements of conversation with visual character interaction. When this is inked and lettered I think it will stand out!

If you have missed the conversational elephant in the room run out to the free download page and download all the issues released so far. Better yet, stop off at the Contact page and send Thru a note for inclusion in the letters page.

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