Thru Issue #4 Pencils Are Done!

Thru issue 4 page 3 pencil
Thru issue 4 page 3 pencil

Thru issue four pencils are all done! If you’re used to following along, this is the first inked page!

Jean is on vacation, it’s just me. Yeah, this could get weird before I hit post…

In this page, our hero returns following the events in issue #3. His intention is to surrender to authorities and face the divorce demand from his wife. Before he even gets through the back door of Lectro, he breaks into a sweat.

Thru issue 4 page 3 ink
Thru issue 4 page 3 ink

I think the art has improved again, here. Stick with me. This is an oversized issue and worth every penny, IMHO!

To catch up, download the previous issues. Every download is worth something, but if you are downloading, please swing over to register also. A comic artist with loyal buyer/readers increases my value. We are not supported by advertisers, apart from the ad that appears in the print version for our printer. We participate in a value-for-value model that you are welcome to support. I have a small stack of issue #3 that I will happily mail to US supporters that donate a minimum of $6 US, signed.

An undiscussed comic release coming up will also be exclusive to supporters.

One more thing, parents, expect an important parent’s guide in issue #4. When I finished I struggled with the darkness of the story and the explicit suggestions in some of the art. It’s good, but so dark for 1930’s America.

See you back here next time!

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