Gwen goes to another planet today!

Thru issue 4 Page_18 pencil
Thru issue 4 Page_18 pencil

Hopefully you are having a good weekend! While you’re enjoying the day, Lectro Labes is sending Gwen to an alternate earth.

Is this the future? If it’s still 1938, is it an Earth that has developed differently, sooner?

What can they do in this world that we can’t?

Thru issue 4 Page_17 pencil
Thru issue 4 Page_17 pencil

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. The team has to justify their budget with more exploration. Gwen first must choose which planet to visit.

She clicks through frequency settings. Not keen on the dessert, snow banks, hot jungle or lava planets, she settles on the inviting Buck Rogers looking city.

Why not?

Thru issue 4 Page_17 inks
Thru issue 4 Page_17 inks

Now I am betting the guys are volunteering the instant they see those hem lines.

Gwen gathers up her best safari outfit–because that’s what a lady does in 1938, right?–and radios herself over.

Rockets, robots.

Thru issue 4 Page_18 inks
Thru issue 4 Page_18 inks

Looks like everyone has an aero plane.

There are lots of interesting sights, technology, and fashion.

Lookie there. It’s a monster zoo.

This is going to be so much better than Thomas’ first trip. She’s taking photos, keeping notes.

And she hasn’t killed anyone.

How smooth do you think this will go?

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