Worst Type of Warfare: Couch

We have all heard stories of warfare. Vietnam, WWII, Korea, any weekend beset by drug lords or pharmaceutical advertising.

DISCLAIMER: Side effects may include leakage

Here we see the Lectro Labs gang in the Truman house. It’s our first visit since issue #1.

It is also the first time the team has a frank sit-down. All of Thomas’ chickens are seemingly coming home to roost. Do people actually say that? The boss was telling me how to clean up log files and used it. Anyway, let’s look at the page in some ink.

Probably one of my favorite things is seeing Gwen in mom-mode. This is just her character, the core of Thomas’ team. She’s also still irked with him from chapter one!

Our increasingly notable supporting cast is caught literally elbowing each other during this chat.

And in the second page we have more elbowing and more confrontation.

I think it is pretty much what we have been expecting. Everyone wants to be on the same page for a change.
Oh, and it looks like Gwen blows her stack.

Nice, right? I mean who doesn’t want to pull a pin and toss a redhead into a room?

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