Thru Issue #4 Should Be Printed and in Your Mailbox Already if You’re a Donor!

Thru Issue #4 Cover
Thru Issue #4 Cover

Every donor by now has the URL to download and the print copy is already in the hands of every single donor.

This is a big move for us as it is the first issue that is oversized, the first one that is for mature readers (for mostly psychological concerns), and the first time we have taken fulfillment in-house. We will be shipping more books to new donors in about a week, and public release after that. Keep an eye on our discord channel.


Yes, there was a lot of work went into this one. We are giving D/L links to everyone that donates a dollar since Thru #3. Additionally, $6.00 donors are getting print copies bagged and boarded with autographs. Donate now and when the new batch comes in we’ll mail them to you, too. That’s the fair thing to do.

The delayed public release of Thru #4 will be free as usual and of those, our communities online get preferential treatment (FB group, reddit, penciljack, Discord).


Our advertisement pages this issue are free pages given to podcasters that have been nice to us. We are hoping to share audiences with each other. However, consider these for mature readers also.

Email for questions or join our discord server. Links on the web site.

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