has taken eCommerce and Fulfillment In-House

New Shopping Cart Announcement
True Believers! has brought our shopping cart in-house. This is new and work is still continuing.

If you are inclined to help us, spend a buck and try the products(beta) page. If you can get a PDF and view it, it works! If it doesn’t… well, it doesn’t… Either way, share with us in the real time chat on the side bar. Snag screenshots so the old guy can understand what you are telling us 🙂

If you can trick it, break it, make it do something stupid please, oh, please write in with screenshots!

One caveat, preorders will not deliver to you immediately. Fair enough?

The boss says that if you will do this, he will give you a Mr. Tatters link for free when it is ready. And I have to go buy him a diet soda now.


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