[UPDATED]Radio ad released!

Thru radio ad

Thrucomic.com has released a radio ad that will appear on the NickTheRat show next Wednesday. Take a listen and tell us what you think on our chat.

A radio ad for a comic is a little odd, but think about the context! The doorway is a misbehaving radio, after all!

Now this is something YOU can do to support Thru! NickTheRat is a supporter of the comic and he is providing us free airtime just as we support him by giving him an ad page. Please add NickTheRat.com to your podcast subscriptions and email him on his web site. If you are okay with strong language from the podcast, listen and improve his downloads! Let him feel the love from the Thru community!

Thrucomic.com radio ad

Thank you to our voice actors, borrowed from the I Hate Brocolli.com podcast, as well as the sound engineer and various CC creators from sound bible (Mike Koenig, Daniel Simion), free music archive(Trailer For A Non-Existent Film by Soulaflair, Lost Dinasty-Charlotte by Damiano Baldoni), and some public domain clips from Internet Archive.

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UPDATED: Attributions added for CC attribution license clips.

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