Thru Issue #4 Public Release!

Thru Issue #4 Cover
Thru Issue #4 Cover

Happy Friday, True Believers! Every donor by now has the URL to download and the print copy is already in the hands of every single donor. How can we possibly improve on that? Well, let’s just start with a free to everyone download!

This issue is a big move for us as it is the first time that we:

have an issue that is oversized,
have an issue that is for mature readers (for mostly psychological concerns—the artist would not give it to his young nieces and nephews)
have taken fulfillment in-house
have PDF, CBZ, and print copies in our new shopping cart!

Whew. That’s a list, but let’s add that it’s our first time to send out a radio ad!


Yes, there was a lot of work went into this one. We gave D/L links to everyone that donated a dollar since Thru #3. Additionally, $6.00 donors are getting print copies bagged and boarded with autographs. If you are able to cough up a buck, click our $1.00 download link in the shopping cart.


Our advertisement pages this issue are free pages given to podcasters that have been nice to us. We are hoping to share audiences with each other. However, consider these for mature listeners also.

And this is something you can do to support Thru if you only download from the free download page:

Visit and give him a download/subscribe and an email so he knows you come from the Thru community. The show is weekly and reminds us of the old Doctor Demento show except it is NSFW and not for children.
Visit where you can play, subscribe, and communicate with them on the twitters @adamcurry and @THErealDvorak. Give them a shout so they knows you come from the Thru community. The show is twice weekly and abuses the heck out of media jokers.

Thanks to them for supporting

Wish us the best at San Japan in San Antonio in the dealer room. And be sure give give a nod to Houston before your head hits the hay tonight.

[Thru issue 4 ]

Email for questions or join our discord server. Links on the web site.

The public release of Thru #4 will remain free as usual. Our communities online get preferential treatment (FB group, reddit, penciljack, Discord).

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