Review of Thru #4

Gwen Realizes She is Trapped
Gwen Realizes She is Trapped

The following originated as part of a private chat we agreed to share. Daniel was kind enough to put his thoughts into writing after reading all issues of Thru back-to-back.

First and foremost, I like it. You’ve done a great job so far, I am a pessimist and can always find fault in things so don’t take anything below as me “not liking” it. I do like it.

Thomas CoughingThomas Collapses

Thomas fallsThe story line looks to be pretty solid. Inventor whose life is falling apart, gains insight into some new technology that allows one to travel to other realities.

There is a shape of espionage and secret ops going on. So it should give some alternate story elements later on.

German Janitor

What I’ve observed from 1 to 4 so far is that the story telling is coming together better. At first, there was a lot of fragmentation of the comic story line. Coming from a book world this is something that will cause continuity issues for some readers. Things that aren’t explained, just happen, no context.
I realize there is inherent issues with taking a story and trying to explain it all in a few pages, for me I found that there needed to be more continuity between the panels or the story drawn out with a few more panels to make the story/dialog flow a little better. I found myself having to go back over the panels a few times to draw conclusions about the conversations and fit that into where the story jumped to. By issue #3 I see this starting to flow together better and in #4 it is about 200% better compared to #1. So great job on making it flow better with more panels and dialog.

You’ve done a great job on the art work, although a few times I’ve had to go back and make sure that it is Thomas I am seeing and not another character. This isn’t an issue really as clothes, hairstyles and text define the speaker more than the faces.

[Spoilers ahead!]

I view this more as an artistic license on faces, but I tend to find myself having to rewind a few times to ensure I know who it is.

Ok, the only continuity issue I see in #4 are just two things really.
1.) Key of life where they went in and re-tooled the cavern, but there were keys from previous events down there. Not a big deal but if they reworked it, I would have thought they would have removed the old.
2.) When released, she had a ray gun, I assume it was the ‘crystal’ one Thomas brought back from episode 3, but with her aversion to killing, it surprised me that Gwen would have had that. Or maybe I just misread that part.

Gwen in swimming costume

#4 made me think Mashup! Sliders meets Running Man meets Star Trek! But really, good job.

Antibiotic Toast
Antibiotic Toast

The discussion turned to explanations and details we are keeping close for future issues. You can download all issues of Thru from the Comics and Merch(beta) page or directly at the old  Downloads Page.


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