Happy First Birthday to Thrucomic.com

Thru issue #1
Thru issue #1

It’s been a year since the Thrucomic.com DNS record was registered!

That’s when the decision was made to publish comics with strict guidelines, an open story Bible, on a value-for-value model and no kickstarters!

Sci-fi worlds remain in our future

We have been super-charged with excitement by the support and community interest we have received. A steampunk-ish sci-fi theme wedged in post-depression America and all the worlds we have been to really scratched an itch.

Look at all these worlds!

Our mission to get kids reading is no small challenge but we have made headway. Challenging young people to use their phone for something other than texting is hard. Help us out here if you can reach kids.

Short note to parents

We have put a yellow box on every cover that tells parents what to expect and watch out for. Reading should reassure parents. If you ever have a content question or concern please leave a comment.

Gwen Realizes She is Trapped
Got to get that message out

How do I share my opinion?

We crave feedback. Click on our contact link or join the real time chat.

Danger, strong characters, terrifying situations. Are you up for it?

I’m freeloading, how do I support you?

You can pay for downloads, but even if you can’t the most powerful thing you can do is share Thru with others. Share, follow, and like our posts wherever you can. You can even share the download links to Thru issues.

But what about cost?

All issues of Thru are and will remain free. We put for-pay buttons on our product page but right below that is the free download link.

What about people who need to hold the comic but can not afford it?

Send an email to Thru@Thrucomic.com and we will chat.

One more thing

We are on the cusp of publishing our new graphic novel, a story set in a supernatural universe. This is a pencil-to-color production and it has a unique, stylized look to it. We are weeks away from release to donors and paid Thru downloaders.

How do I get it?

That’s easy. Pick at least one issue of Thru and pay the whopping $1.00US and we will follow up with a free download of the graphic novel!

After the release it will be for-pay only at a price set in line with similar books from other publishers.

Will there be a celebration of Thru #1’s anniversary?
Heh heh.
Stay tuned, my true believers!

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