Indy Comic Suggestion: Clarity Girl

Clarity Girl #1 cover with heroine duo doing super action poses
Clarity Girl #1
A comic that hilariously pokes fun at every stupid meme a brat has ever repeated at you.

Adventures of Clarity Girl #1

Genre: Comedy, Millennial comedy extreme, this issue is kid-safe but they’re going to hate you for it.

Adventures of Clarity Girl 1
Published by Sarcastic Skull Studios
Story: Chris Thomasma
Art: Chris Thomasma & Michael Allen Pearce

Clarity Girl’s premise is built on the emergence of a god-power super serum that gives people amazing powers. Then, one of many hard turns, the serum is given to adult teenagers who shirk all forms of responsibility.

What, indeed, could go wrong?

This funny book is brutally sarcastic towards every dumb politically correct meme society is allowing to tear up reality. Topics just begin at race relations, misuse of Bible quotes, hyper-dependancy on cell phones and social media, and teen issues ruling adult lives.

And that’s book #1.

The art is blocky and odd aiming squarely at a Southpark humor. The men get wacky eyes, superheros are weird animal activists, and women are all wide bodies. Just about right.

I’m recommending this with, like, 3 super serums out of, gosh, like, 5.

Adventures of Clarity Girl #1

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