Indy Comic Suggestion: CHAOS CAMPUS-Sorority Girls vs. Zombies

Choas Campus #1 cover image of busty sorority girl with short shorts, zombies, and college students
Choas Campus #1 cover
B. Alex Thompson’s outrageous and laughable parody of all things college party campus culture as drawn by Christian Duce and Martin Coccola is exactly what it pretends to be. It is a silly take on sorority girl stories and zombie stories.

[Approbation Comics]

You can see that as the inside cover to issue #1 introduces you to the main characters by… cup size.

Your sensitivities are going to be wounded if you don’t return to the headlines now!

CHAOS CAMPUS:Sorority Girls vs. Zombies
Published by Approbation Comics
Story: B. Alex Thompson
Art: Christian Duce, Martin Coccolo
Cover: Alessio Nocerino

This four-part arc, Hell Week, addresses the plight of a sorority which somehow embodies the only souls on a college campus capable of resisting the invasion of hungry zombies. And clearly that is a capability fueled by alcohol, casual sex, gossipy intrigue, and lesbian encounters.

Embodied is the word I used, but you could also say objectified.

It’s an easy read if you’re a zombie fan. If you’re just looking at the pictures—okay, fair play to you. The art is lovely with easy to look at colors even if the anatomy is the only super power displayed in the first issue.

None of these events have ever happened to me in a sorority house. Therefor, it is considered utter fantasy.

That leaves me with the deeply regarded and thought out rating of 3 puking college pledges out of 5, because it superbly executes on the promise of what the team set out to accomplish.

[Approbation Comics]

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  1. Thanks for the review of our first Chaos Campus issue! I hope you’re moved to check out and review the further exploits of our zany heroines. At nearly 50 issues, hopefully we’ve improved from our humble beginnings!

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