Indy Comic Suggestion: Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds Cover
Storm Clouds Cover

Ben Mitchell’s detective story from Australia starts in Storm Clouds. The mystery surrounds a serial killer, booze, drug use, and police that constantly dance at the edge of abusing their position. In other words, welcome to Australia!
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Now three parts in, Storm Clouds is the beginning. The writing makes you feel immersed in street life so deeply that when a cell phone appears in the story it’s a little jarring.

Printed in Australia by Dawn Press as a thin, manga-sized book, the art is pleasant and stylish if it does try to make dizzy on purpose—and kudos to Ben for making a simple and brain warping comic.

My copy arrived with a mini comic that expounds on a barely seen character and serves as a hint of things to come. Oh, and look under the flap. There are other elements referenced on Ben’s site.

Birdcage fulfilled the order and… I got a really weird mini comic bonus that’s… unrelated and I don’t blame Ben for.

I’m glad we bought it and look forward to grabbing the other two parts.

Storm Clouds
Published by Ben Mitchell
Genre: Mystery, Contemporary
60 pages
Parents be advised about the alcohol and drug use.

Ben and his comics can be found at
[Storm Clouds – Home | Facebook]

For the money, I am pleased with the quality and storyline so far. $9 US got it to my door and I’m giving it 4 cyanide masks out of 5.

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