Indy Comic Suggestion: Is’nana the Were-Spider

IS'NANA cover
IS’NANA cover

Grown out of a kickstarter, the story of *Is’nana the Were-Spider* leans heavily on the African and Carribean folktales of Anansi the spider god or stories. It is an anthology style work by Greg Anderson-Elysee.

[ Is’nana the Were-Spider, Vol. 1: Forgotten Stories; Books ]
Price $20.00 USD

[ Greg Anderson Elysée | Facebook ]

*IS’NANA the Were-Spider*
Published by Webway Comics
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Parents cautioned about one panel of strong language.

Writer: Greg Anderson-Elysee
Artist: Walter Ostlie, Lee Milewski
Cover: Walt Msonza Barna
Letters: Joshua Cozine

I picked up the boss’ copy after he encouraged me to read a story that he compared to a Vertigo copy titled Coyote. The colors are very similar to that very ancient native tale from before I was born! (For reals!)

Anansi is likened to Br’er Rabbit and has crossed paths in other versions of the characters with Spider-Man, the JLA, and the Fantastic Four under the care of writers such as Neil Gaiman in the American Gods.

Along the same lines of entertainment we are presented with a richly deep set of characters. The color palette is drenched with emotion. Story telling is strong and the yarn is just plain solid.

Some knocks I give the folktale are the “I believe” language of Is’nana on one page. It lasts only a page but is dry and knitted and robotic. The other complaint I ginned up is the anthology format for the simplest reason: the story doesn’t need it. For a three act play it begins with a one page prolog, a third act after that, and ends with the first act. While I understand the reason, it isn’t necessary.

I would like to see a stronger resolution to the conflict the characters encounter even knowing that there are many conflicts coming.

Is’nana is also blessed with a meaningful forward and concludes with a reach series of pinups.

To say that I am pleased with be the graphic novel is an understatement! The book feels good and is not burdened with any cheap trips. Further, great appreciation is demonstrated toward all supporters.

No spoilers. Just buy it.

Greg and his graphic novel can be found one Facebook at

[ Greg Anderson Elysée | Facebook ]

[ Is’nana the Were-Spider, Vol. 1: Forgotten Stories; Books ]
Price $20.00 USD

I’m giving it 4 spider legs out of 5.

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