Indy Comic Suggestion: Goth Ghost Girl #1

Goth Ghost Girl #1 Cover art
Goth Ghost Girl #1
Goth Ghost Girl #1 is a buy, right out of the gate with 44-pages for 7.00 US. John Schlim, Jr. brings a charming book of sweetly told horror stories. This is an anthology that doesn’t seem too committed to any sort of order of events, but that’s okay in an entertaining Twilight Zone kind of way.

Goth Ghost Girl #1
Published by Ovation Comics,
[ Facebook| @OvationComics
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Writer: John Schlim, Jr
Artist: Sergio Quijada, Francisco Munoz
Letters: Bernardo Brice

And if you don’t want any spoilers stop right here. Ghost chicken. Continue reading “Indy Comic Suggestion: Goth Ghost Girl #1”

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