Indy Comic Suggestion: Goth Ghost Girl #1

Goth Ghost Girl #1 Cover art
Goth Ghost Girl #1
Goth Ghost Girl #1 is a buy, right out of the gate with 44-pages for 7.00 US. John Schlim, Jr. brings a charming book of sweetly told horror stories. This is an anthology that doesn’t seem too committed to any sort of order of events, but that’s okay in an entertaining Twilight Zone kind of way.

Goth Ghost Girl #1
Published by Ovation Comics,
[ Facebook| @OvationComics
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Writer: John Schlim, Jr
Artist: Sergio Quijada, Francisco Munoz
Letters: Bernardo Brice

And if you don’t want any spoilers stop right here. Ghost chicken.

There are four tales, the first being a bittersweet tale that seems heroic but turns tragic and finally collapses in on a revenge story. Contrived, yes, and I would offer it is worthy of a standalone 40-page opening by itself. But John wanted to introduce his canvas of characters and it still works.

Still works as in the next story involves Goth Girl before becoming a ghost (I think) and her goth band that smiles, saves a rural business from certain demise by rallying all the smiling goth people in the farmlands to… wait, what? Nevermind. Just accept that the corn rows are bursting with smiling, happy goth, that are loaded with scratch and they all show up in time to save the day. With a concert.

Okay, look. This would undoubtedly make more sense if twice the pages were devoted to explaining the inconsistencies in the reality here. Just deal with it, it’s another cute story. One that picks up in the one page stinger at the end of the book.

We also get a sexy Morticia Addams character that is presented with a team of ghost busting, um, well, they are black and white. Again, another tale that is cute and monstrous that concludes with the baddie getting their just desserts. The art in this case momentarily reminds me of the old 90’s Soulwind from Image.

Reach out to Ovation on facebook to buy a copy.

I only give it 3 ghost chickens out of five because goths, dammit, bring me down, scream in their music, and are too broke to buy my damn comics.
The art really is sweet and carries you along.
I only caught one ugly slip by the editor/letterer.
It made me as happy as FF #1 (and I can’t tell you why. Must be a demon.) is the publisher of Mister Tatters, Romin’s Road, and the scifi comic Thru. We frequently review comics and you can see the reviews here.

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