Indy Comic Suggestion: Zodiak, a color manga

Zodiak Issue #1 cover, trio of heros
Zodiak Issue #1

This week we review Zodiak #1, #2 , and #3. Formatted as a color manga in a mini comic footprint. The story and art by Tam feel like an homage to Sailor Moon.

The question is, does she succeed?

Published by Crazy Monkey Ink
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Genre: Manga/Superhero Adventure, Comedy
Writer: Tam
Artist: Tam

Zodiak Covers Issues 1-3
Zodiak Covers Issues 1-3

Like Japanese stories and anime we are used to, Zodiak centers on the crystals of the Zodiak characters. We are introduced to one or two main characters every issue.

The first one introduces Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries is condemned to work as a department store floor detective while hiding her powers as the first of the flame guardians. Leo is the blond Italian and his duty is to work in a bistro. Aries and Leo rotate Zodiak duties with Sagittarius who is currently on task guarding the crystals until they are stolen by the wayward Scorpio.


A sample Zodiak page
A sample Zodiak page

But the theft is foiled by¬†Sagittarius’ flame arrow which scatters the stones to the winds.

The trio find that Aries has at least some of her power without the possession of her stone, leaving Leo the only member with no powers.

This sets up a crystal of the issue storyline to unfold as the series progresses.

Unhappily for the trio, as the first issue closes the heroes find that they have incurred the wrath of their superiors!

The art is reminiscent of manga, with color instead of zip tone. There are also comedy panels in the tradition of Full Metal Alchemist and others.

Yes, it felt like Sailor Moon. Yes, it felt original.

Indy comics are more costly because of short run formats in general so don’t be surprised at the 5.00 cost. Support Tam so she can print bigger runs!

I give it three crystal power stones out of five, knowing that the series will rate higher as it progresses. is the publisher of Mister Tatters, Romin’s Road, and the scifi comic Thru. We frequently review comics and you can see the reviews here.

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