Indy Comic Suggestion:Heavyweight Messiah #1

Heavyweight Messiah #1
Heavyweight Messiah #1

This week we review Heavyweight Messiah #1. Picture it, a man who is convinced that he is Jesus Christ and lumbers into a boxing ring to save people through violence.

How does it end?

With blood and tears!

Heavyweight Messiah #1
Published by RareFormat Comics
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Genre: religious drama, action
Writer: Benito Andino III
Artist: Fernando Flavio Giron

Spoilers ahead!

The story opens with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who relates the story to us of how man now only respects violence. This is when the Son of Man reveals his plan of reaching people through the boxing ring. Who does He choose to face on the other side of the ropes? Death.

Jesus talks to his "trainer"
Jesus talks to his “trainer”

Death taunts the Prince of Peace as he beats Him down. At one point He topples into unconsciousness and recalls a conversation with a man who is  the Holy Father. Metaphorically, the confrontation reflects a hypothetical chat with a trainer. Lots of metaphors and punishment pave the texture of the storyline as there is more to face than Death.

A shadowy opponent appears as well as the hulking, massive boxer in the opposing trunks. This meager Savior is a middleweight facing a monster that Ali might shrink from.

Are you, the reader in His torment or part of it?

Heavyweight Messiah #1
The Inevitable: blood is everywhere

Regardless of your faith there is a sturdy, rugged, and very readable storyline here. Some artistic license is taken with the Gospel to make the moment when Christ is forsaken relatable to us gentiles. You can’t deny the read and it will challenge you. This comic is dripping with testosterone! It is a tale spun out of agony and brutality. Before it is over you will feel pity for Christ who clearly is not all powerful in His human incarnation.

Rareformat delivers in the preview I got a powerfully drawn vision of gore and care of a lovable, challenged Lord who makes a year long journey for the second time to save mankind seemingly against their will. It is dark and bold, but in the midst of every shadow there is just a hint of light.

I give it four revelations out of five, bonus if you can find the fifth.

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