Indy Comic Suggestion: No One Left To Save

No One Left To Save #1 Cover
No One Left To Save #1 Cover

Alan Cole’s advance copy of No One Left To Save arrived in our hands and presents the unusual story line of a superhero like Superman in a world over come by zombies. Does he go mad or just leave for another planet?

He keeps going to work and patrolling the world of zombies.

The boss and I reviewed the comic. He read it and came back to me with the review: four of five, it’s an advance copy. No spoilers.

No problem. This is a buy.

No One Left To Save #1
Published by Crucial Crisis Comics
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Genre: superhero action, zombie drama
Writer: Alan Cole
Artist: Bobby Lexx
Pages: 56

This John Byrne Superman parallel walks into his office and just like every week makes the same presentation to the zombies he has chained up. He makes a pass at the zombie secretary. Waves to his zombie neighbor, chained to a stake in her yard. The zombie problem is completely contained.

Two pages in you will ask yourself Is he mad? There are too few humans left. His name isn’t spoken, he has no one but zombies to talk to.

The man of hope flying with zombies biting into him
The man of hope

After work the Man of Hope is back to patrolling the city.

The word “hope” in no longer legible on his suit after all the time he has been in this repetitive life.

The spark of hope returns one more time as the last of the humans are discovered.

And then we have the question, is he mad?

At twice the size of a Big Two comic, this one-shot tale is completely enjoyable without being another franchise riff or another darn zombie story. It is original and the twist is revealing and unexpected.

Bobby Lexx’s imagined world is the best of Jim Lee and John Byrne combined. Alan Cole’s story telling is solid as there isn’t a word misplaced or wasted. I’m looking forward to the final version which Alan promises a lot.

The boss and I both give it four alarm clocks out of five. The preview is comixcentral’s comic of the week and a free download.

[UPDATE 9/29/18] My sincerest apologies to Alan Cole. I was waiting on the final version to be shipped and forgot to post until now.

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