Indy Comic Suggestion: Blood Pop

Blood PopRepeat Indy Comic-offender Bradley Golden brings us a horror standard between the covers of Blood Pop (formerly Timmy Lala).

For horror fans, this is a buy. Now, how do I tell you that without spoiling it.

Blood Pop #1
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Genre: horror
Writer:Bradley Golden
Penciler:Andrey Lunatik
Inker & Colorist:Mickey Clausen
Letterer & Designer:Hector Negrete
Cover:Helmut Rancho
Variant Cover: Oscar Pinto

On the technical merits, this is a professional book. A standard to be met in the Indy world. In terms of writing, Bradley delivers a story that tightly pushes you to the next panel, compellingly connects the word balloons in a way you can’t stop reading it. It makes me think this is the world outside the window. If you think about it that’s the key of a horror story—if you believe it for a few minutes it works.

Andrey Lunatik’s art is convex comic art. That’s a dumb word but go with it—I really like that about these pencils. Every shape comes out of the page which is as key for a horror book as convincing you it is real life. There is just enough extra shadow in those sunny daytime scenes.

One word of criticism on the nose profiles is that they are a tad pod-people.

Since I saw some penciled pages, I can add that Mickey Clausen truly embellished the pages without altering the style. I would want to see more variation in a line weights in a printed book but with most readers using phones I shouldn’t complain.

Speaking of embellishment, Mickey’s colors merge very nicely with the inks and perfectly do their job of giving you a sweet sunny day and dark foreboding basement dungeon. I like the shadow on the blood drops.

Hector Negrete’s letters are invisible. You don’t notice the effort in placement or face choice. I will say that the smaller weight is too small and I could not read it on the phone or iPad easily. The invisibility of the lettering is perfect as that means it worked.

All of the technical effort is invisible to you, the reader.

morning ice cream runSo let’s go to hot Miami, Florida where Thomas cheerfully drives an ice cream truck during the July day. His suburban wife Lucy skips yoga and they have great, beautiful neighbors in a beautiful neighborhood. All the children love him!

You see, Thomas makes his own ice cream flavors. It’s local. It’s organic. Parents cheer him on as well, happy to pay the cheap rates.

Kids chase ice cream truckHe meets a Jehovah’s Witness that rubs him wrong. Why could that be?

You won’t guess the gory conclusion to the story unless you caught THAT classic flick (redacted) that is older than you. And if you did, this is a must-have anyway.

Personally, I now think all the creators on this title are accomplished serial killers.

Four pleasing cones of five. Happy Halloween!

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