Indy Comic Suggestion: Dark Daylight Day #1

Dark Daylight Day CoverSpiritual horror Dark Daylight Day landed in a swirl of unrelated controversy and I honestly forgot I had it. I opened it and devoured the tale of the arrival of the Darkspear of the Nothing! Are you up for a trip into the Dark Daylight.

Dark Daylight Day #1
Pages: 63
Genre: Spiritual Horror
Written by Benito Andino III
Illustrated by Edwin “Artex” Badillo
Edited by Guanine Andino
Published by RareFormat Comics

Alex wakes up being taunted by a voice that calls themselves The Nothing. He works for Naomi at a Flora’s Diner. The Nothing increases the amplitude of the taunts partway through breakfast service until Alex’s eyes bleed! Blood pours from his nose. He has been called to initiate a terrible and gory judgment. In at least the surrounding block cranial pressures increase, costing all but Alex and Naomi their eyes!

The death and mayhem only sets the stage for the inner eruption Alex experiences.

The colors are not top notch, but the palette and contrast captures the trippy nature of this story. I enjoy the psychedelic imagery. My best criticism is drop the airbrush and do more with brush & shape fills. This breaks the graffiti motif but prevents the color from being a distraction. I understand that this was first a web series, but printing all the purples on paper is tricky when selecting the process bureau. FYI.

A couple of details slip that I would address at the editor level. One being the unmitigated violence in the snow. Retell that because race-haters are the first to stay home in the snow storm. Spelling is not an every page problem but it really deserves a second pass.

Benny’s story suffers only a bit from web series pacing. That’s the biggest story criticism other than the under-motivated violence. Again, pacing. This is a great movie pitch. Not so much for the imagery as for the inner monologue in Alex’s head. There are two voices constantly. They don’t talk to each other!

My hope is that Benny will sit in the bottom of a phone booth and talk out Alex’s lines. Keep that dialogue/non-dialogue running!

If you are into horror or psychedelic art, this is one for you.
3 of 5 stars, with just a little room to refine it.

Look for it in your comic shop or get it from Rareformat Comics.

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