Announcing the upcoming Destiny Mountain Demon for fans of Eerie and Vampirella comics

Thrucomic’s new horror comic lands with Destiny Mountain Demon. Our story will follow a monster-hunting reporter stumbling into crimes surrounding two brothers themselves being hunted by a vicious serial killer. Will they escape while they try to summon the mystical Demon of Destiny Mountain? Or will the story filled with gore end with two more murders?

This crime drama turns out to be a supernatural battle for men’s souls. It’s a skin curdling tale that will leave you looking for a sequel. The pages (I have seen them) are exploding with talent.

Destiny Mountain Demon will be available from IndieGoGo soon in two forms. The black & white book will have an art style of hard blacks and action lines, similar to Eerie and Warren books of the bygone era of golden-age horror. A second edition will be offered as a stretch goal that features color pages for those seeking a different comic expeience.

Sign-up now for the Destiny Mountain Demon before it appears on IndieGoGo and discover the series Lonnie Webb lovingly presents. You’ll receive an email for the go-live event. Support the campaign for as little as $5.00 and receive additional qualifying perks.


    • Fans of horror and crime drama comics
    • Fans of supernatural dramas
    • Fans of Eerie, Creepy, or Vampirella
    • Collectors of fine-lined black and white art

Destiny Mountain Demon is written by and illustrated by our repeat storyteller Lonnie Webb(Fat Girl, Thru, Killing Wirth, Science is Magic 3, 4)with additional inks by Emanuel Sotomayor.

Let’s push the campaign for the Destiny Mountain Demon to trend on IndieGoGo and discover the story and art Lonnie Webb lovingly presents.

—Jean, the underpaid intern

Sign up via [Indiegogo]

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