Art Help Requested for Destiny Mountain Demon

Destiny Mountain Demon is almost ready! But I have to choose covers and variants. What is your preference?

Let me give you the no blood option.

Then there is blood. Fangs has a whole different look here with the simple addition of blood splatter.

And then your basic comic cover that I am partial to as a cover A variant. But what do you think?

One more cover has been requested and I am waiting for it to arrive while the boss works page clean ups. All the covers are property of and were produced by our staff artists.

Have you signed up? I need you to sign up for the campaign go-live event! The books will be printed and shipped. And I promise the lowest perk level will be $5.00 for the PDF.

Now that we have met, stay in touch with me.
—Jean, the underpaid intern

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