What to do when Indiana Jones 5 kills off Indy

Faceless indiana jones still Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy are going to kill off Indy and probably replace him with a Mary Sue. She will be the “bestest evar” in addition to that. Thrucomic has a script that we are doing as a comic book. We think it would be an insult to fan-fic Indy so who do we send into our WW2 epic? The US Infantry. You’re welcome!

Meet Sgt. Rally of “circus” company where nothing is fun. A clear nod to Sgt. Rock, Combat, and America At War comics. He will face relics of water creation goddess Tiamat, one of Heinrich Himmler’s occult obsessions from ancient Babylon.

Speed of production will depend on the public’s willingness to buy the book. It will be offered through Indiegogo after prelaunching. What that means is writer Lonnie Webb is asking for sign-ups on the campaign to justify hiring outsiders.

Fans are needed to move this forward by signing up at the link below. In return, exclusive perks will be made available in the form of trading cards and possibly a challenge coin. No obligation, no cost, just standard Indiegogo fare of your email address and two checkboxes. 

https://bit.ly/temple_of_tiamat  [via Indiegogo.com]

Tiamat, Ancient water creation goddess of Babylon

This adventure will take the reader to new sights as well as a reintroduction to World War II history in the tradition of Raiders of the Lost Ark without imitating it. It will be offered in color with a minimum of 48 pages and digital options. The campaign will also offer perk levels with additional pages and merchandise to backers.

Join the current prelaunch here.(https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sgt-rick-rally-and-the-temple-of-tiamat/coming_soon)

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