Thru comics are a collaboration of the site creators. The comics are offered on a value-for-value model for support as well as direct purchase.

I ghost wrote and drew a few pages many years ago. Completely loved it and since I was an avid comic and scifi reader I have always participated in the comic scene at a distance. After procrastinating for years, I decided to self-publish Thru. It’s a story I shelved in 2010 for day I could share it. Won’t you join us?–Lonnie Webb

Lonnie Webb rejoined the comics world in retirement by self-publishing at Thrucomic.com. Continuing to ghost-write and pencil backgrounds he has the propensity to join a mass of words into a sentence while failing to strike a point somewhat smaller than a barn. He has published a horror thriller graphic novel, Mister Tatters, and has penciled and/or written other series such as Science is Magic, Thru, Killing Wirth, Destiny Mountain Demon, and Man of Ax Hill.

Our story editor Mary Lou (no relation) is available for editing projects. If you self-publish, send a message in the contact form!

Following retirement, Mr. Webb deferred control of the web site and much of his social media accounts to the control of Jean Bleu. She has been determined to be too young for photography.