Indy Comic Suggestion: Dark Daylight Day #1

Dark Daylight Day CoverSpiritual horror Dark Daylight Day landed in a swirl of unrelated controversy and I honestly forgot I had it. I opened it and devoured the tale of the arrival of the Darkspear of the Nothing! Are you up for a trip into the Dark Daylight.
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Indy Comic Suggestion: Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds Cover
Storm Clouds Cover

Ben Mitchell’s detective story from Australia starts in Storm Clouds. The mystery surrounds a serial killer, booze, drug use, and police that constantly dance at the edge of abusing their position. In other words, welcome to Australia!
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Thru Issue #3 Has Finally been listed on IndyPlanet For Print

Thru Issue 3 cover
Thru Issue 3 cover

With the full release of Thru #4 about two weeks out, IndyPlanet has finally decided to post Thru #3 for on demand printing. This is the cheapest way to get Thru #3 in print.

Order Thru #3 from IndyPlanet Now!

If you want a signed copy you can always just donate $6 to Thru and make sure we know what you are asking for as a thank you. It still costs us more than $4 to print and more than $1 to ship first class.

In whatever form you consume Thru, your support is appreciated!

To see the full list of Thru comics that are available at IndyPlanet click here.