How Do I Read Comics On My Kindle?


Our main method of distribution online has been through PDFs. They are supported by just about everything.

From wikihow:

Your Kindle can be a great tool for your personal or professional life. While the primary function is as an ebook reader, some Kindles can play .mp3s, be used to read local e-newspapers, and even be used to read a wide variety of documents. The PDF is currently one of the most popular read-only file formats. Getting a PDF onto your Kindle isn’t too hard by either connecting it to your computer via USB, or emailing the document to your Kindle’s personalized email address.

They suggest file transfer over USB as one option:

Connect your Kindle to your computer. Once you have your PDF ready to be transferred, it’s time to plug your Kindle into your USB [port]. Do this using the Kindle’s standard USB [cable]. Make sure that your Kindle is turned on.

Locate your Kindle folder on your computer. Once your Kindle is successfully connected to your computer, open your Kindle drive. You can find the Kindle drive in the same place your external USB drives appear.

Click on the PDF file to select it. Now drag the file into your Kindle Documents folder. The PDF will now automatically sync with your Kindle.

Another option is to email it to your kindle’s email address. This involves logging into your Amazon account and emailing it thru settings on that page.

Another option is to use Dropbox.

Read the page for more details.

If you have other methods using open source tools, please share on our discords support channel.


If you must read a CBZ on your Kindle, this page and this other page describe how to use the calibre software to get that done. Good luck, but that’s hard!


Amazon provides a link to a comixology reader that I think must be a better option, altho not tried. Please let us know. This is probably only for Kindle Fire.