Indy Comic Suggestion: No One Left To Save

No One Left To Save #1 Cover
No One Left To Save #1 Cover

Alan Cole’s advance copy of No One Left To Save arrived in our hands and presents the unusual story line of a superhero like Superman in a world over come by zombies. Does he go mad or just leave for another planet?

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Indy Comic Suggestion: Goth Ghost Girl #1

Goth Ghost Girl #1 Cover art
Goth Ghost Girl #1
Goth Ghost Girl #1 is a buy, right out of the gate with 44-pages for 7.00 US. John Schlim, Jr. brings a charming book of sweetly told horror stories. This is an anthology that doesn’t seem too committed to any sort of order of events, but that’s okay in an entertaining Twilight Zone kind of way.

Goth Ghost Girl #1
Published by Ovation Comics,
[ Facebook| @OvationComics
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Writer: John Schlim, Jr
Artist: Sergio Quijada, Francisco Munoz
Letters: Bernardo Brice

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Indy Comic Suggestion: Is’nana the Were-Spider

IS'NANA cover
IS’NANA cover

Grown out of a kickstarter, the story of *Is’nana the Were-Spider* leans heavily on the African and Carribean folktales of Anansi the spider god or stories. It is an anthology style work by Greg Anderson-Elysee.

[ Is’nana the Were-Spider, Vol. 1: Forgotten Stories; Books ]
Price $20.00 USD

[ Greg Anderson Elysée | Facebook ]
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Indy Comic Suggestion: Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds Cover
Storm Clouds Cover

Ben Mitchell’s detective story from Australia starts in Storm Clouds. The mystery surrounds a serial killer, booze, drug use, and police that constantly dance at the edge of abusing their position. In other words, welcome to Australia!
[Storm Clouds – Home | Facebook]
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Indy Comic Suggestion: CHAOS CAMPUS-Sorority Girls vs. Zombies

Choas Campus #1 cover image of busty sorority girl with short shorts, zombies, and college students
Choas Campus #1 cover
B. Alex Thompson’s outrageous and laughable parody of all things college party campus culture as drawn by Christian Duce and Martin Coccola is exactly what it pretends to be. It is a silly take on sorority girl stories and zombie stories.

[Approbation Comics]

You can see that as the inside cover to issue #1 introduces you to the main characters by… cup size.

Your sensitivities are going to be wounded if you don’t return to the headlines now!
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