MILESTONE: Thru #4 now available on Amazon’s ComiXology!

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Thru #4 is available for sale on comiXology as of Wednesday, November 22, 2017!

Talk about a HUGE milestone for an Indie creator such as, we are THRILLED to have Thru:The Fall be picked up by Amazon’s ComiXology!


Sci-fi worlds remain in our future

Thru is a steampunk-ish scifi story set in 1938. The comic is hand drawn and inked in a classic 80’s style with a brilliant color scheme. The story deals with characters and situations you will care about and look forward to reading again and again.

Gwen Realizes She is Trapped
Gwen Realizes She is Trapped

These are full, high-production value books that belong in the big leagues. Get it for yourself or the geek in your life!

We encourage you to go get and review it online. Good or bad opinions–as long as they are honest–email us a screen shot of the review. We have decided to give you the for-pay only graphic novel download as a thank you!

Hurry, this thank you offer will not last!

You can expect other issues to appear as soon as the good people at Amazon ComiXology process the guided path side of things.


Reach out on the contact page if you have any trouble getting the issue.

Most of’s comics are all-ages and all include a parent’s guide. The mission of Thrucomic is to entertain and promote reading. You can learn more at the web site.